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Editorial: Recipe Feature

It’s a hot summer day, golden hour is near. It’s too late for lemonade, too early for hard liquor — a spritz seems appropriate for a refreshing break. The recent comeback of the Aperol Spritz has been seen on cocktail menus across the United States and Angelina’s Ristorante’s resident Wine Director & Sommelier, Dinah Leach, is here to share her thoughts on the Italian classic. As we enter high spritz season, readers can start with this easy to follow (and drink) recipe to enjoy at home or with the staff at Angelina’s.

This Summer’s Hot Drink: The Aperol Spritz

The Aperol Spritz is making a comeback just in time for summer!

It’s one of the most popular apéritifs in Italy - just ask Angelina’s Ristorante’s Wine Director & Sommelier, Dinah Leach. On her recent trip to Italy, Leach saw this specialty cocktail enjoyed by patrons at almost every café and it has now being served on cocktail menus all over the United States. There’s no mystery why. It’s delicious, and with its stunning coral hue, it looks gorgeous when served.

This refreshing beverage is light, low in alcohol, aromatic with citrus notes and pleasantly bitter. Leach suggests an extra brut prosecco to add sweetness and balance out some of the bitterness from Aperol.

Meeting friends or family for a spritz is a long-established Italian tradition and one that’s effortlessly replicated for summer soirees. As we enter high spritz season, start with this easy to follow (and drink) recipe to enjoy at home or with the staff at Angelina’s. Saluti!



Extra Brut Prosecco

Soda Water


Fill a wine glass with ice. Pour in equal parts Extra Brut Prosecco and Aperol until the glass is almost full. Add a dash of soda water for extra carbonation. Garnish your beverage with either an orange slice or a lemon slice and enjoy!

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